4Dcolor™ is the innovative technique that was developed by the hair stylist, Johnny Almagno, in 2015. Today, it has officially become an authentic method, exclusively distributed by Lisap. What Johnny wanted to do was enable all hair stylists, with or without experience, to achieve quickly and easily what women have always desired: a multi-tone colour with no streaks and no signs of regrowth for at least six months!

4Dcolor™ can be achieved in just thirty minutes: coloring, covering white hair, lightening and toning in a single step!

Because 4Dcolor™ is distributed exclusively by Lisap Milano, it only uses products that are free from ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol. Another key factor is that the lightening can be done without bleaching.

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Questions and answers

4Dcolor™ is the innovative coloring technique that allows two, three or more shades to be blended, in a short space of time, with surprising 4D effects!
Absolutely not. You can use the tools that you use every day.
No, 4Dcolor™ is an application technique that lets you color, cover white hair, lighten and tone in one single step.
Just thirty minutes’ application.
The customer will have a great color for at least six months.
By taking part in a one-day course planned by Lisap in different Italian cities.
By contacting your local Lisap agent.


To introduce you to the world of professional training that has for years been contributing towards the growth and success of hair stylists worldwide, Lisap offers a specific training plan which enhances the hair styling profession.
Lisap’s technical team also offers a comprehensive calendar of training dates for the 4Dcolor™ method. One-day courses to learn the technique have been organised throughout Italy.

To find out the details of the dates, simply contact the Lisap agent in each city.

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