The Lisap Academy

The main goal of the Lisap Education programme is to communicate best usage and the quality of Lisap products, and to share this with international hairstylists in their daily work.
Our training courses are held in many locations and we offer a spectrum of general and specialist topics to cover all in-salon training needs, stimulating creativity and enhancing the professionalism of the hair stylist.

Lisap’s trainers are professionals who coordinate the Centre for the Promotion of Lisap Culture: technical experts around the world and a style team of  hair stylists based at the Lisap Headquarters collaborate on a daily basis with our Commercial Consultants in the field.

Education Opportunities

To introduce you to the world of professional training, which for decades has contributed to the growth and success of international hair stylists, Lisap offers a specialist training programme dedicated to the enhancement of  professional hair stylists.

EDUCATION 2017 offers an innovative programme to industry professionals, with courses that are tailor-made to suit each type of salon and answering the specific aspirations and characteristics of each market.

Choose the programme to suit you and your team..

Artistic Team

  • Johnny Almagno Johnny Almagno
  • nicola_boxNicola Box 
  • antonio bombaAntonio Bomba
  • demis bressan
    Demis Bressan
  • rosita carotaMaria Rosa Carota
  • Salvatore CerabonaSalvatore Cerabona 
  • tiziana giudiceTiziana Giudice
  • carla maddaluno
    Carla Maddaluno 
  • gianluca fantiniGianluca Mantini
  • vittorio martinoVittorio Martino
  • annapaola maurizioAnna Paola Maurizio 
  • susy micilloSusy Micillo 
  • mariantonietta_migliettaMaria Antonietta Miglietta
  • ignazio mostallino
    Ignazio Mostallino 
  • loris novara Loris Novara 
  • Lionel ParisLionel Paris 
  • Maria Teresa Almazan RuizMaria Teresa Almazan Ruiz 
  • grazia tamburiniGrazia Tamburini
  • angelo tomeiAngelo Tomei
  • marika turellaMarica Turella
  • Francesco Sanfilippo
    Francesco Sanfilippo